COLOR: Yellow

FABRIC: Cotton

Shoe width

Manufacturer width US width
3A, 4A, AAA, AAAA XXN (Extra-Extra Narrow)
2A/B, 2A, AA XN (Extra Narrow)
A, B, C, Slim N (Narrow)
D, R, Regular M (Medium)
E, 2E, EE W (Wide)
3E, 4E, EEE, EEEEE, WW XW (Extra Wide)
5E, 6E, EEEEE, EEEEEE, 2XW XXW (Extra-Extra Wide)

Shoe size

US UK Heel to toe
(in inches)
Heel to toe
(in centimeters)
4 3.5 8.7 22.1
4.5 4 8.9 22.5
5 4.5 9 22.9
5.5 5 9.2 23.3

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