For Autumn / Winter 2017-2018 LAKO BUKIA extended her main inspiration of her home country Georgia from the last “SS17 I SEE” collection. This year started unusually for Lako because she got pregnant and this big change in her life is also reflected in the collection. Her emotions and feelings were mixed and quickly changing with frequent ups and downs. This condition can also be seen in the collection. There are prints that reflect the changing of seasons from autumn to winter, from winter to spring. Contrasting colors of brights and pastels, contrasting materials of spandex and lace are also a highlight of her mood swings. The collection is mix of sportswear and classic, so are the fabrics: spandex, organza, lace, highlighted with oversized spandex coats and jackets. The key pieces of the collection are hand-knitted cross knitwear, oversized knitted dresses and sweaters.